I met Mr Raj at his Eye Clinic in Spire Fylde Coast Hospital on the 5th of May 2012. After a thorough eye examination I found mr Raj very kind, considerate and very caring. He is a 5 star consultant who explained everything to me, including the high risks in extremely short sighted eyes with advanced cataract. The operations were 100% successful and he is a first class Eye Surgeon who has the most remarkable expert skill, and I had no after effects at all such as no pain and no discolouration.

I just had beautiful vision which I have not had since I was a child of 5 years old. I wore minus twenty six spectacle lenses then the hard contact lenses for 30 years. After the operations I threw all my lenses away as I do not need to wear these anymore. Mr Raj has given me a new life now for which I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I think he is the finest expert Eye Surgeon I know and my optician says that Mr Raj is a very clever Eye Surgeon to operate on my eyes, which was risky, dangerous and very difficult.

I am now enjoying life once again and I can personally recommend him to anyone who has the same problem as I had.

Miss E.G.


Mr Raj my heartfelt thanks to you! The operations have made a wonderful difference to my sight. Everything is amazingly clear and bright. There is also a noticeable and unexpected improvement in the macular choroiditis stricken eye. It’s like a whole new world!

Your skill, kindness and patience are much appreciated by me and must also be by the many others whose vision you have enhanced or restored.

I read on the internet that you are involved with charity work in poor and developing countries and hope that the enclosed donation will be useful to provide some help and comfort to people who are not as fortunate as me.

Many thanks to you and your lovely staff.


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